Ahnita likes to socialise and meet people from different countries and cultures. Her interest in people started from growing up in a huge clan that interacting with different personalities became so natural. She enjoys intimate and genuine connections, delights in travel, photography, food, music and art.


Picture taken from Yangshuo, Guilin, China 2012


Gubeiko hike, Great Wall of China, June 2012

The year 2007 was when she started exploring the world to make her dreams come true. She already explored 5 continents, yet she yearns of going out again on an expedition.


Chilling in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan January 2012

Undaunted of getting out of her comfort zone, she’s a regular reviewer in Trip Advisor, helping travelers with transparent reviews. When she is out on a holiday she walks relentlessly without the fear of getting lost. An excellent navigator, she tags locations for others to find it. You can also find her in FourSquare and Open Street Maps.

She discovers new attractions, trendy cafes, restaurants, hidden streets and alleys.  A vivacious city hopper, weekends are spent on discovering art galleries. She actively participates in Instagram and Flickr, eager to meet people pursuing community projects, photographers and artists around the world.